WeighBurn Weed & Supply began in 2018 with a group of 4 friends: Tim, Tom, Brendan, and Dawn, who all have a common love for the hotel industry.

When Cannabis became legal, we applied for a license in 5 different communities around Saskatchewan but were not drawn in 2018.

Fast forward to 2019, we all got a call from Tim, who told us that we were awarded the license in Weyburn. We still had all of our plans in place from 2018, so it was easy to get right into it.

We’ve worked hard during 2020 to get WeighBurn Weed & Supply Co. up and running, and we’re proud that all the hard work made it possible to open just before Christmas 2020. We’re looking forward to going on this fascinating adventure together, and we’re proud to wear the logo that represents where this all started.

In November 2021 we opened our second store Cafe Mary Jane in Gravelbourg, Sk

In February 2022 we opened our third store Indian Head Weed & Supply in Indian Head, Sk.